I probably should have taken a picture of the tacos I had for lunch

Or one of the menu, or the sign, or something. I mean, I didn’t even check in? (Do people still check in? Why am I the mayor of the gym now?)

The truth is, I wanted a little privacy. A little anonymity. To be somewhere other than my desk or the perfectly adequate cafeteria at the office. So I Yelped up a taco spot. Only now does it occur to me that it was a Tuesday. A Taco Tuesday.

I won’t let that happen again.

So Kinja is interesting. For many reasons. But I’m trying to focus on the mobile writing interface, so once again I’m B L O G G I N G from my phone. It’s a mobile web browser, with a smart little toolbar that comes and goes when I scroll.


Ooh, I turned my phone sideways, and now the toolbar fits much better, but the odds that I will accidentally start typing in Emoji are pretty solid.

Speaking of Emoji, why do we have such a weakness for this plague of “the most popular X in your Y” garbage data maps?

The thing that went around via Fusion and Buzzfeed today was Such Garbage.

Here us my personal and completely amateur methodology for Garbage Data detection*:

  1. Is the data source trying to sell you a product? Say, a social analytics toolmaker making sweeping (and whoa if useful) statements about how users share content? Probably garbage data!!
  2. Is the data source silent or otherwise coy about their sample size, or the relationship of sample size to the wider web, or their methods as a whole? You might be looking at garbage data.
  3. Come on, the volcanoes in Maine thing?
  4. If any list of the top 10 places where people say or search for certain things online includes somewhere in my neighborhood of Northern Virginia where the ratio of data centers to Chipotles is approximately 20:1, you have a garbage data problem!

Ugh now I have to add a bunch of links. brb

In closing, the tacos were delicious.

Also, I wish for a future project involving actual valid data about waste management so I can point to a spreadsheet or query and say “OH MAN LOOK AT THIS GARBAGE DATA RIGHT HERE.”


* For a more professional and complete take on the current wave of viral crap information tidbits being produced under the banner of content marketing, please of course see Jacob Harris.

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